The SteadiGO glidecam gives videographers the freedom to move around while still capturing smooth, steady footage!

A tripod can be a great tool for filmmakers however it’s fixed position can be quite limiting at times. In some instances hand-held shooting is an option though it has a homemade, amateur, shaky look to it. 

Here we have a quick side by side comparison video showing hand-held vs stabilized, shot with a DSLR video camera.

It’s easy to see the difference not only in steadiness but also in cinematic style. With the SteadiGO in use the production value increases immensely giving the video a seamless, professional look.

Balance and GO Steadi

  1. Mount the camera
  2. Add counterweights
  3. Balance And GO!

We’ve made the SteadiGO to be:

  • easy to use
  • fast to set up
  • lightweight for continuous shooting
  • rugged to last even the toughest of video shoots

Here we go over some basic tips to help maximize your SteadiGO's capabilities.

  1. Walking heel to toe in a smooth, flowing motion helps to keep your body stable.
  2. Keeping good posture with a straight back helps lessen user fatigue so you can shoot comfortably and for longer.
  3. Keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle to help with controlling the rig.
  4. Holding the steadycam out away from your body (arm extended) while in motion also helps to reduce shake as your arm acts as a shock absorber.

Steady Running Footage

The cameraman chased a runner up Mt.Chorcorua while using a SteadiGO handheld steady cam and Canon t3i HDSLR.

This video shows hot to set up your video camera on the SteadiGO video camera stabilizer.

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Shoot stabilized video like a pro with the SteadiGO glidecam rig!


  • SteadiGO Rig
  • Camera Mounting Screws (2)
  • Counter Balancing Weights (22)
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty!
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