Adding steady camera shots to your Real Estate videos is a great way to enhance your productions and your value.

Virtual Tours / Virtual Walkthrough videos give potential Real Estate buyers a new and exciting way to explore properties. 

Being able to glide from room to room is an easy, time saving way to cover large areas in a single shot. It's also great for creating a real looking and engaging walkthrough experience for viewers. 

The SteadiGO camera stabilizer is designed to be lightweight and easily maneuvered upstairs, in hallways and around obstacles.

My SteadiGO fits nicely in my camera bag and I can have it set up in under a minute which is great when I need to get in and out of a property quickly.  

I've been shooting video for Real Estate for the last two years and have been upgrading my cameras and lenses as I go. The video above was shot with a Rokinon 8mm lens which gives a slight fisheye effect. I now use a Samyang 14mm lens for virtual tours and it produces a much cleaner video image. Read more about "Best Lenses For Steadycams, Glidecams etc." HERE.